Terms of Service

The following page explains the terms of contract for trade between Buckstate and the purchaser or customer.

Place of Business and Operation

Buckstate 4274 Cahaba Heights Court Suite 230D Birmingham, Al 35243 United States Tel. (+1) 205 917 5082 Office hours are 9am – 5.30pm CST Monday – Friday. Communication by email can be completed from the contact page. We strive to respond to all emails within 2 working days, but replies are usually within 2 hours. Buckstate.com is owned and operated under sole proprietorship of David Kenyon, trading under the name Buckstate.


Orders & Delivery

  1. Your order will be shipped within 3 weeks from the date of order although orders are typically processed and shipped within 5 working days of receipt of order.
  2. Orders received after 1:00pm CST will be processed the following business day.
  3. Delivery guarantees apply only to the United States and Canada.
  4. The customer pays standard shipping costs as specified at checkout which depends on total order value and destination.
  5. If there is any delay in your order including inventory shortages, we will notify you within 3 weeks.
  6. If the goods supplied are subject to sales, delivery or other taxes and tariffs in the country of final destination, then these shall be paid additionally upon receipt of the goods by the customer.
  7. Shipping prices can be found on the checkout page http://buckstate.com/cart/ once products are selected.
  8. Payment of the total price, including shipping and handling costs, are due immediately on orders.
  9. No contract is entered in to by either party until payment receipts are processed and sent.
  10. Prices quoted at checkout are final.
  11. Buckstate reserves the right to refuse the sale of goods to anyone at any time without notice.
  12. Payment methods are limited to those offered by Buckstate.
  13. Customers are liable for any cost from failed payments or extra charges incurred by payment merchants or their financial institution.
  14. Buckstate is not responsible for any process of the payment service, payment processing is entrusted to 3rd party payment services as selected by us.
  15. Goods remain the property of Buckstate until payment is made in full.


Product supply and manufacture

  1. Buckstate is not responsible for information or opinions provided by 3rd parties about our products, promotions or services.
  2. Descriptions, images, measurements and other supporting details are for guidance only. Buckstate reserves the right to vary the design and its layouts within reasonable limits as required by the materials, production methods and machinery used.


Promotions, coupons and offers

  1. Promotions in the form of sales, offers or coupons are supplied in good faith.
  2. Promotions end at 12 am (midnight) on the day of the offers expiration date.
  3. Buckstate reserves the right to refuse the sale of goods to anyone at any time, regardless of the offer.


Copyright and Intellectual Property

  1. All logos, identifiers (including ‘Patriarch the buck’) and associated phrases and trademarks are intellectual property and copyright of Buckstate.
  2. Duplication of any promotional content is strictly by permission only.



  1. The customer reserves the right to return faulty goods for a full refund, replacement or to keep the product at a reduced price as agreed by both parties as set out in these terms.
  2. The customer will pay for the shipment and return of goods.
  3. Returns can be made within 30 days of purchase.
  4. Full refunds of the product cost at the time of purchase will be offered if the product is not faulty and in new condition.
  5. Items must be returned with all packaging and accessories, excluding shipping packaging.
  6. Clothing items must not have been worn or cleaned for full refunds.
  7. Refunds will be issued within 2 weeks of the delivery of products.
  8. Replacement items are subject to the Orders and Delivery terms outlined in this document.
  9. Buckstate reserves the right to decline refunds in the case of gross negligence, including cleaning processes and improper use.
  10. Coupons may be issued by Buckstate at their discretion if returned items fall outside of the 30 days return.


Privacy Policy

  1. Buckstate will only use customer details for appropriate reasons, including marketing for our network websites services and products.
  2. Your shipping details will not be passed to any organisation not involved in the fulfilment of customer orders.
  3. We will take every reasonable care to prevent 3rd parties gaining access to these details.
  4. The customer is entitled to have access to their own personal data held by Buckstate at no cost.
  5. The customer is entitled to the correction of incorrect data or deletion of their personal data at any time.


Jurisdiction, Fulfillment & Choice of Law

  1. The place of fulfilment for all services is the place of business of Buckstate in Birmingham, AL, United States.
  2. Birmingham, AL is the place of general jurisdiction.
  3. Buckstate is entitled to claim legal settlement from the customer or copyright infringement from any party from the place of general jurisdiction or at that parties resident court.
  4. If individual provisions of these general terms and conditions are ineffective or oppose the statutory regulations, the rest of the agreement remains in effect.

Page last updated | 3/12/2018

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